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Ayush writes,"I was of the era of the great Colin,Clyde and Keith giants. I am serious about the 'giant' word. They used to make us feel so out of place. Huge, handsome looking men (which I am sure they must still be) who were amazingly athletic. Then there was the group of 'nerds' (I apologize if the word offends any) consisting of Neville,Shyam,Ayush (me) and Rocky - There was mutual respect these distinct personality groups had for each other. And, they co-existed even though such things are rare in schools where we have so much diversity".

SO if you are out there you GIANTS or NERDS reveal yourselves.. ..whether you are still giants, or whether you were nerds and are now GIANT...come forward and be named....

Zango writes,"Ayush was not exaggerating when he stated that Colin,Clyde and Keith were giants, they truly were. I was there when they were around, but then many of us (in which I include myself:=)have also grown to becoming giants"....

We have have succeeded in tracking the 'giants' down! Colin who is now in Hong Kong writes this:

"I was so surprised and gratified to see a page on us. Clyde and I are twins and Keith is a close friend still and we are happy to assure you that we are still 'giants'!!! We used to call ourselves 'Bad Boys' for the obvious reason that we were always getting into trouble....the group consisted of Keith Patel, Clyde Gregory, Vinod Dattani, Avalone Mcloud, Dean Brown, Emile Alphonso and me." , <>

We await photos as proof!!!! and here they are....
(photos courtesy Dean Brown <>)

Standing L-R Keith Rose (Patel), Colin & Clyde Gregory (Burgess)
Sitting L-R Dean Brown & Emile Alphonso

( On a Culvert down south near the Railway Tracks during Cross
Country Practive) Sitting L-R Clyde, Colin & Emile Standing L-R Dean & Keit

THE BIG QUESTION now is....are the giants still giants??are the nerds now giants??We would love to know..send us photos...... And YES they are still are some pics of the great COLIN and his lovely wife Simrin.

We found this great pic of Erica and Clyde...could this Clyde be the GIANT? We know now that this handsome Clyde was not the giant in question!

Clyde Arnold, (head student 1973) Below:Clyde second from the right .