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Below:Suhas Kshatriya and his family were in Australia last month and caught up with Lolly Smith (nee Cantem) and her family and Clyde Arnold (Head-boy - 1973).

Above: (Left to Right) Lorraine's son, Suhas' son, Amita (Suhas' wife), Suhas, Suhas'daughter, Lorraine's daughter, Clyde Arnold and Nigel (Lorraine's husband)

Above: (Left to Right) Nigel (Lorraine's husband), Suhas' son, Lorraine's son, Suhas, Lorraine, Clyd, Amita (Suhas' wife) Suhas' daughter and seated in from Lorraine's daughter.

Above:Frank MacInnes, Kaety Dalal (Darayes' wife), Darayes Dalal, Delphine MacInnes, Darayes' mother, Mrs Dalal, father-in law, Air Marshall Minoo Dotiwalla IAF P.V.S.M.(Retired) and wife, Mrs Dotiwalla got together in Melbourne just before Christmas 2000

Above: Photo taken at Hillary's (Garrett's) Wedding Anniversary this year. From Left to right.....Hillary, Glenn, Ingrid Garrett (now Pearce) and Nigel.

Above: L to R Jenny Peacock, Hillary Metha (nee Brady), Ian Mac, and Philomena Godfrey, with Ian's wife in Australia (pic courtesy Russ Cole)

Above: Ian Creed of Brisbane,Aust,Maya Lalvani (ne Joshanmal) of Los Angeles, USA and June Rainbow of Queensland,Aust., spent an evening with the Flight's in Wollongong,Aust. The group had not seen each other for years and years, yet time seemed to have stood still as they took up where they had left off.......

Below:Vinod Khanna of Bombay,(centre) in Sydney for the Olympics met up with Prafulla Sanker of Bombay and his daughter Kanchana of Sydney (right ) and Trevor Flight and his daughter Sam of Wollongong,Australia (left)

Opening Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics

Darayes Dalal of Madras, India and his lovely wife Kaety visited Australia with their family.

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