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See if you can spot yourself or a friend............. write and let us know..

Above:Identify this spunk and you will be THE BARNESITE OF THE MONTH!!!

Above:When and who???

Above:Mr Duthie seeing a school party off at the railway station.. Russell Cole identifies the boys in the photo above: L to R. Oscar Jones, Noel Jones, Badrudin Kasamali, Kenny Lazelle, Mr. Duthie, Frank MacInnes,and directly in front of Mr. Duthie is Sam Mistry. He cannot recollect the names of the other two...Can anyone else??? The other two identified...Keith Reynolds and Hormuz ?

Above: School Band...The Barnicles

Above:Senior Cambridge'63

Above:Senior Cambridge'64
Below Staff 96/97 ..Photo Courtesy Syed Hussain

Photos courtesy Frank MacInnes