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Rustom's Party
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Mrs. Jaldeep, Mrs. Prakash, Mrs. Michael. Mrs. Taqui. Mrs. Yogesh and Yogesh Naik.
Half seen is Farah. Rustom's eldest. Prem , Shapoor, Taqui, Nadeem and Michael.
Anil, Rustom, Ruhulla, and either Jimmy or Sharookh. Rustom's sisters and brothers in law.
Bernie and daughters.
Ram Verma with his nine month old son and wife. Prem, Mrs. Pawan and Nadeem.
Mrs. Prem, Mrs. Nadeem and Prem.
Pervez, his wife and youngest daughter. Mrs. Prakash, Mrs. Parvez and Mrs. Taqui.
Kids dancing to music.
Jaldeep Daulat and Pervez Rizvi. A gentlemen's discussion. Rustom's nephew and Prakash's son Vishwajeet.
Taqui Rizvi, Shapoor Izdiar, Michael Bardey, Anil Puri, Ruhulla Naimi. Side pose, Prem Verma. Pawan Verma and his wife. Rustom and his family.
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