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Batch 4, Happy to be together and revive memories

Frank Freeze and Rustom Parvaresh

All barnicles. Oldies but happy to be together and revive memories.

Front row seating. In specs is Malik Jhaveri, Anil Puri, Rustom Parveresh and Richard Bardey. Just behind Mohamed, in red shirt and blurred is myself and nex to me is Salim. Behind Salim is Pam Shah and her class mates. Standing. First two from left are the teachers who were in Barnes till last year and just recently joined Bishops. The man in blue shirt is Rudy. Next to him the lady in Purple is Mangala Pandit. Ladi in green sari is Nirmala Tambe. Lady in green Punjabi with white duppatta is Vishakha Pande and next to her in orange shirt is Frank Freeze, our host. Behind her is Norman . Then is Sharma. Next to him in White shirt is Raju Saranjame. On the left and just behind is Sharook Yazdigardi. Lady in black is Karen Rose, Behind her is Ruhulla Naime. Next to his is Mangesh Gandhi. Parvez Rizvi. Munoo Hussain. The blurred chap on extreme right is Shapur Parvaresh.

That reunion took place at Frank Freeze's home in Bishops Highschool, Pune on 20th November,2004. Frank is an ex student of 1964 batch. I thought I had mentioned this some where.