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Who is this Barnesite who has loved Barnes so dearly.We want to know....can you help?

My mum and dad finished school in the early forties. Mum's mum was the head nurse of the Maharaja of Jamnagar. She was a widow and during the hols mum used to go stay with her in the palace. My mum's maiden name was Trilby Doreen West. My dad was the eldest of 4. There was my dad, Herbert William (Bill or Willie for short), Aunty Sheila, Uncle Kenny and Aunty Margaret. They were all in Barnes. Aunty Margaret played hockey after school with the Arklie girls. She and Joan Arklie (now Jackson) played for Bombay City. My mum played a few games for B'bay city too. Aunty Margaret and Joan Jackson are neighbours by the way and still the best of friends!

My dad and Uncle Kenny were great in swimming and other sports. Bill, my dad joined the Royal Indian Navy and became chief engineer. He played hockey and cricket for the navy and met my mum when they played a cricket match at Jamnagar on the palace grounds. Although they were from the same school they didn't know each other to speak to before then.

I have two brothers. One is a few years younger and finished school a few years after me. My youngest brother, the baby, is between 5 and 10 years younger than me and finished school accordingly. Brother number 2 finished as vice headboy, won a number of sports events secured a 2nd division in the arts stream.

I was an excellent swimmer. Keith Shortlands and Paul Bose were the main dangers to me in my time. In the last year I was favourite to win the mile but my brother number 2 just turned 14, was allowed to compete. He beat me!! I came second and he broke uncle kenny's long standing record (early 1940's)!! The duck pond was my second home.

I was in royal house (the house of the Raymers, Creeds,Collins' etc).I was always in school for the Michaelmas holidays - what fun!

I used to carry love letters for a number of the bigger gals! I had three girlfriends that I can remember through the years (1958 - 1965) Beryl Jacobs, Gilda Demeron, Letty Simms... just so I could enjoy brothers' hour!!

I was good friends with Arlene Harris, Molly Isar, Margaret Macdonald, the Johnstone girls, the Simmonds - Juney, Ronny & Johnny

I was excellent in English, Maths etc. Mr Mac, Mr Gadre, Mr Mishra, Mr Job, Mr Goodman were our main teachers in 10 & 11. In scripture it was either first or 2nd between Livi and me, ha ha!

My name made Mr Mishra perpetually confused. He kept asking me, even during brother's hour one time, " are or ...suname/name" so you can say I had two surnames or two first names... not really but it could be argued!

I was a very, very naughty boy. Always in trouble. Got the cane a few times!

A few years after I finished from Barnes, our parents divorced and mum
re-married. our step-father went on the board of B.E.S. and donated a prize
to Barnes for the student excelling in sports & acedemics. It is still
there. The year after the youngest brother finished school, our step-father
adopted us legally by deed poll and brought us to oz.



Frank MacInnes,Lorraine (Lolly)Smith and Trevor Flight have positively identified Mr Lonesome as none other than Bruce Speck (Arnold) are some of the clues that gave him away he mentions Joan Arklie & his Aunty Margaret .... Margaret was also an Arnold before she married .... & yes the fact that he also mentions that his step father adopted them legally by deed poll is yet another indication of who he is ..... & that was just before they came to Oz.....We also know that his wife is holidaying in India!!!!!

                    Now for a response Lonesome...reveal yourself? AND pics........
Bruce would love to hear from Derek Wainright, Mohd Sharif Badri, Sudhir Vyas(Bindu will know), Frank Freese, Keith & Robin Shortlands, Arlene Harris, Margaret Mac etc... Bruce can be contacted on MORE FROM BRUCE SOON.....

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