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I remember Dad bringing me down to the Duck Pond, we'd look for birds nests and butterflies...much, much later and after a great deal of work on the pool, dad was honoured when the Duck Pond was named 'The Fernandes Pool'

I felt a sudden sense of sadness as many ex students have written to say that the pool is no more and that the buildings are in need of repair.Then Erica deGama wrote telling us about two people who haven't sat there shaking their heads in despair, but have done something about it.

WE CAN HELP.......

Erica says that there is now a very pro-active Ex-students' Association in existance. It was established in 1999. Its main aim is to raise funds and to restore Barnes to its past glory. They presently have about 150 members but would very much like to double the number of members. Cost of life membership is US$ 100/- (one time payment) for overseas ex-students OR Ind. Rupees 1,000/- (one time payment) for ex-students residing in India.

 The association was started by Prem Verma and Barkat Ali Maredia who called a meeting. Approximately 60 people turned up and this was their suggested plan of action - the remedial measures and renovation towards the deteriorating conditions of the buildings, give an overall facelift and equip our School with the latest state-of-the art technology in the area of education to produce scholars and simultaneously keep abreast with the recent trend in today's competitive world. With this motto "ONWARD BARNES UPWARD BARNES" was put forward which received overwhelming response.

Today the Association is registered and very soon will be registered under section 80G which would prove beneficial in tax rebate for those extending donations (not applicable for overseas)

In just two years they have collected over Rs. 450,000, have donated 140 beds to take care of Candy Block and approx. Rs 40-50 thousands were spent for expenses related to the Diamond Jubilee Celebration last year. 

 The Annual General Meeting will be held sometimes towards the end of March this year where plans for the forthcoming years will be put forward, Some of the directors and members may retire and new people will be inducted to the committee through a democratic process.

Mr. Mohammed Hanif Quraish & Mr. Prem Verma are presently the Co-Chairmen of the Association. Please contact them for further details on joining the association or contact the association directly:

Barnes School Ex-Students' Association

2, Crossgate Bldg, Lokhandwala Complex,

Andheri West, Bombay-400 053. INDIA

Tel     : +91(22) 636 0589 / 639 1826

Fax    : +91(22) 631 9800 / 632 7843

E-mail: / /

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