Students from Barnes are scattered the world over ... When we left school we left behind our friends who had been family while we were there....on this page we go in search....

Stephen Whittaker writes:
"I am a Martiniere boy, but I do have some interest in Barnes. Alan Baker who was Principal of Barnes for a long time was a teacher and friend. I would like to get in touch with anyone who is still in Barnes School. I believe that the Staff of Barnes school are looking after a friend of mine, Mr Joe Hardy, and I would like to get any news of him." Please email Stephen on

would like to contact MICHAEL NESTOR...

I was at Barnes High School between 1940 and 1946, when I successfully passed my Senior Cambridge School Certificate and headed for the UK in 1947 to train to become a Civil Engineer. Since when I worked in Ghana, Pakistanand England, where I have retired. I have been contacted by numerous Barnes old girls (none over 21!), but I wish there were more. I particularly want to contact my old class and house mate Michael Nestor, last seen in 1946 allegedly planning to emigrate to Australia and with an ambition, if I recollect correctly to become an airline pilot there. It might have been Perth he was heading for!

Leonard Kerr would love to hear from Robin Shortlands
Our lives are made up of a series of memories so...
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