In the summer of 2000 during the Sydney Olympics,  Mrs. Gladys Fernandez   encountered some of her old friends from Barnes. The reunion was so remarkable, that she decided to devote a significant portion of her time and attention to creating this website. The response was tremendous, as Barnesites from all over rushed to look for old friends or make new ones. She updated the site, communicated with people and did all that was possible, but the site was growing too fast.

My name is Kam (Kamyar) Majd. Myself and two brothers attended Barnes from 1970 to 1974. When I heard about this site and Gladys'  overwhelming task, I volunteered to take over the site from Los Angeles, where I live.

The  torch has passed, but the purpose of this site remains the same. So come on over. Give us your bios, current and specially old pictures, and tell us who you are. The webmaster is on this full time and the server has all the room you need. Come, look for friends and let others know how to find you.  And if anyone knows where Mr. Gadre is, tell him Kamyar said thank you. Of all the educators in my life, I hold him in the highest regard.

Take care, and enjoy your visit.