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Ernest's memoirs of his school days

I joined Barnes School in 1934 and was put into Candy 'A' Junior dormitory. Went through Third Standard till Standard IX and did Senior Cambridge Exams in 1941, under trying conditions as I was a chronic case of Malaria, so had to return in January 1942 to await results. I did well and passed with flying colours. Was promptly sent home.

During the school years I remember the following names : Dias brothers, and sisters
Paddy Kerr
Noel Swindon
Lacey brothers
Clement Alberts
Derek Raymer & Dwyer brothers (now in the U.K.)
Tommy Loader
Horace & Terence Donnelly
Jackson sisters
King sisters
Underwood brothers
Arklie family etc. etc. oh... I could go on....

Above:P.E. Competitions in Evans Hall

Staff at the time I was in school were :

George Fenton Bailey and his wife
Maurice & Barbara Duthie
John Anderson (Science Master)
Ernie Waller - married Iris Barnes (Ernie migrated to Perth, Western Australia, and became headmaster of Guildford Grammar School) Trutwein (the school priest) Bill Coles (Head Master)
Mr Fernandes - office Secretary, married a Miss Cooke
Albert Barrow (Geography Master) - later joined Frank Anthony and became a Member of Parliament, representing Anglo-Indians in New Delhi.

Above: Mrs Duthie with some of the students

I'd be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers this golden era.....
In May 1942 joined the Royal Indian Navy as a midshipman, trained in Bombay. On completion of training I was posted to the Combined Operations Centre at Mandapam. We trained army additions to supplement Navy in landing operations and commando work. Served in Burma and the Middle East during World War II.

After Independance I was migrating to Australia, but having been offered a permanent position in the Indian Navy, I stayed on, and assisted in training.

In 1966 I migrated to Australia with my wife Lois (nee Abbott from Nagpur) and our two children Dawn and Brian, and settled in Melbourne, where I was working on the oil rigs. Due to the wife's ill-health we moved to Perth in Western Australia. My wife passed away in 1994.

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