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Prakash joined Barnes in 1968 and was in Spence house. he Completed schooling from there in 1971 Arts section with quite a good academic performance. His college education took him back to his home city of Bombay(now Mumbai) and he graduated in Commerce. After graduation he did his Law and Chartered Accountancy and joined his father's firm of CAs.

Prakash is still practicing as a CA in the firm though his father,sadly, is no more. His practice is basically made up of Audits (both under the Companies Act as well as under the Tax laws of the country), and Tax laws. For some select clients he also does financial monitoring and portfolio consultancy. He does some consultancy work in system implementation and security. Prakash is very versatile, he also used to write programmes in old Cobol and FoxPro as a hobby and all his office software is developed by him.

Prakash married in 1981. His wife, Rajeshwari, is from Hyderabad and is an Arts Gaduate and a full time house wife. he has one son, Vishwajeet, who is 14 years old studying in a nearby school in IX.

In school he was more a scholar than an athelete though he says he played all the games reasonably well.. his favorite was Javelin in Atheletics, he swam in the house relay and took part in gymnastics. Swimming.

A change of administration saw Mr Coles, the MacInnes' and the Flight leave and the school then saw Mr Davis as Principal, Mr Roberts as Deputy Principal for a year, then Mr Benjamin and the House Master for Spence was Mr Gadre.He remembers the House Captains were Dileep Rao and later Manohar(Shyam) Khanija.

Prakash says that some of the habits formed in school are still guide his routine ,particularly getting up at 6 a.m. and the self discipline learnt in school stood him good in his persuit of professional study and is still doing so in his profession.

He is still in contact with a few of his Barnes school friends here and around the world via the net.


Above: Prakash and his lovely wife Rajeshwari at their wedding reception in 1981

Above left:Prakashand his son Vishwajeet. Vishwajeet, is currently the head boy of his school. He is in 9th and studying in S.I.E.S. High School, Mumbia . Right: With his wife

Above: Rajeshwari with Vishwajeet.