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   In Proverbs Solomon wrote "Train up a child the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it' (Pr. 22:6). This is exactly what I owe Barnes. It may not seem much to others, but I feel the way I am is because that's how Barnes trained me. Punctuality,respect, keeping your word, are still a part of me. (O! I almost forgot,getting up at six, yes I still do that).

I was "dumped in Barnes in 1975, I was just five and a half. I was there for nearly four years and those years are the ones that I cherish the most. The teacher who I remember most was Mrs. Samson who taught me in Std. Three, her moral lessons still keep me in check till today. The Samson,s used to live in the Gate House, I remember them having a daughter, she should be in her forties now. They retired sometime in 1978. Mrs. Daniele (or something like that) taught me in Std Two, I was her favourite!! she got married in'77.

I remember my first appearance on stage in'75 'I,m a Bow Legged Chicken ", does anyone have a picture of that??? In '77 I took part in a play "In Jamaica Where The Hearts Are Gay". In '78 I took part in boxing,I was one of the smallest boxers then, barely 19 kilos. Ofcourse I lost the match, but I remember messing up my opponents jaw. I was supposed to have won, but if I did I would have been beaten to pulp in the next round.

I remember Mr. and Mrs. Gamma, they had two sons (I think). If any of you guys are reading this, then try to remember the family who used to host your parents in New Delhi, when you used to come to take part in Boxing. They were kind of my guardians while at school.

I remember getting mumps in ,77 and Zion coming on Sunday to give me flowers to cheer me up (I told you Mrs. Samson taught us stuff like that), it was really sweet of him. And to show him how much I appreciated his kind gesture, I gave him a dose of mumps and brought him flowers the following week.

I was really small then and used to be a courier for the senior boys. They would ask me to call a particular girl to the boxing ring and in return they would buy me a cream roll or a drink at the tuck-shop!

I remember taking cholera shots, messing with beehives, fishing with our plastic sponges like nets in the streams on Sunday's, going for walks in the evenings, grinding glass (yes glass) for what I do not know; the list could go on and on and on.

The guys I remember from my stay there are: Carlton Dawson, Raju Kapoor, Earl Darling, Cheryl Taylor,Debra (she was a year ahead of me, but most the guys mentioned here, including me had a crush on her),David Sinclair, Zion and Rahul (they used to live in the middle east).

Above:A recent photo

Well now I am in Nigeria, have been living there since'82, and would probably continue to live here for a while. I finished my first degree in '90 in Computer Science and Engineering, then completed a post graduate diploma in Business Administration in '91. I worked for nearly 10 years and am now back in the University completing a Master,s in Electronics (kind of a refresher course as I see it).

Above:My parents

My dad works here in Nigeria. He is an Architect. My mom is in UK trying to get her citizenship, she is an Anglo Indian and is having problems getting it. I have two sisters one is working in the States at UCLA and the other is in UK married with a daughter. I had a brother, he too went to Barnes during the same period as I did (Christopher), and was a class ahead of me. He died in a swimming accident in Feb'98.

Above:Karen is my immediate younger sister and she is in the States working at University of California, Los Angeles.

Above left:Sabrina is my youngest sister, and she works in UK in a database company called Haygroup. Above right:Davinna, Sabrina's daughter.. From the picture you can see that she was eager to return to the UK this year, having spent Christmas in Nigeria.

I am still single and intend to be like that for the next couple of years or so. I actually have not been to India since '82 and have completely lost touch. I was basically brought up by my mom,s side, and most of her relatives are either in UK or Australia.

Nathan David (