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Mrs. D.M.King joined Barnes in March 1947 when she was known as Mrs. D.M.Joshua. She had her son,Jamil, with her at the time when he was 3 1/2 years of age. She taught Urdu in the junior School to begin with. Later Urdu was replaced by Hindi and she was asked to teach Hindi instead. She sang in the School Chapel Choir. She was put in charge of the Girl Guides. In June 1950 she was asked to be House Mistress of Lloyd House.

She was put in charge of the Girl Guides.In June 1950 she was asked to be House Mistress of Lloyd House.

Mr.W.R.King joined the staff in June 1950 to teach mainly Mathematics to the pre Cambridge classes apart from a few other subjects. He, along with other masters, looked after House P.T. periods. He played all games for the School teams in hockey, cricket and football when the School played against adult teams.

He was called upon to organise Athletics that year(1950). The whole system was converted to the Metric system in keeping with the All India norms. Several events were added and a 400 metre track was put down instead of the old 220 yard track. All track events upto 400 metres were run in lanes. Mrs King was also asked to help with the Girls' athletic organisation.

In the second half of the year(1950) the School put on an Operetta called Zurika in which Mr. King and Mrs. Joshua took the two leading parts. In January 1951 Mr.King went for a year to St.Mary's Training College, Poona(Pune) to do his teacher training. On completing this he returned in 1952 to teach mainly Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry apart from a little Scripture in the middle School. In January 1952 Mrs.Joshua went to St.Mary's Training College, Poona(Pune) to do her teacher training and she returned in January 1953 as Mrs. D.M.King having married Mr. King in December 1952. During 1952, Mr. King was asked to look after the Spence House as House Master. In January 1953 Mr. King was asked to look after the whole of Spence Block, including Royal House, as House Master and he and Mrs.King moved into the ground floor of Spence Block. Mrs. King taught various subjects in the middle School including Hindi. They continued to organise the Athletics every year and to train the children when necessary. They played tennis on the Staff court whenever time permitted. Mr. King coached various teams when put in charge of a game. He was involved with coaching boxing when there was no P.T. master and he was often asked along with other masters to judge inter house boxing. Both Mr and Mrs King sang in the School Chapel Choir. They took part in two plays, "The Happiest Days of Your Life" and "Master of Arts" along with other teachers and School children. Mr.King gradually took over the teaching of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry upto the Cambridge Class. He was assisted at times by Mr. Alexander and Mr.Misra for Mathematics and Mr. Gadre for the Sciences.

Their daughter, Gillian, was born on 9.9.1953 and their son,David, was born on 7.7.1955 both in the Cantonment Hospital Deolali.

Above:David,Gillian and Jamil (1965)

Below:David,Gillian,Jamil with Joshua Jacob

Jamil, Gillian and David got on very well together and spent a lot of their free time playing with the boarders and with the three Fernandes children, Gladys, Angela and Michael John.

They spent their early years in Barnes and took part in all games. Gillian did well in Athletics and believe she stilll has her name against one record.Jamil and David took part in boxing like all other boys apart from other games.

Above:Gillian with the rest of the Victor Ludorum Winners

Mr. King later took over as Ist Assistant Master(now called Vice-Principal) .Below is the cottage which was their residence till they left.

Mr King left Barnes in December 1965 to join the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations as its Assistant Secretary. Mrs King also left at the same time and after a year at home she decided to teach again, this time in St. Columba's School, New Delhi, a School run by the Irish Christian Brothers. She taught there till March 1979 and decided to retire from teaching.

Gillian attended La Martiniere Girls School, Lucknow and David attended La Martiniere College, Lucknow from 1967. They spent one year(1966) in The Frank Anthony Public School, New Delhi. They both did the Indian School Certificate(year-11) and went on to graduate from Delhi University. Gillian did her B.A. from Lady Sri Ram College and David did his B.A.(Hons) from St. Stephen's College.

Jamil was married, in the meantime, to Miss Harriet D'Silva who was a teacher in Barnes. They had two children, Mark and Iona. Iona was married after graduating and she has two daughters. Mark is now married to Caroline (nee Hershey) and they both work in a school in Dehra Dun.

Above:Harriet and Jamil

Gillian has completed 25 years with the International Labour Organisation of the U.N. where she is now Head, Administration and Finance. David has had a long stint with banks as a Vice-President and is now a bank examiner for the federal government of Canada - supervising and regulating foreign banks in Canada.

Above:Gillian and her family

Below:Paul taken in August 2001

Mr. King became Deputy Secretary of the Council for the ISC round about 1969 and before retiring in February 1992 he was Secretary of the Council. Mr. and Mrs. King have settled in Clement Town, Dehra Dun after having their house built there.

They were able to visit Banres in January 1985 and were Chief Guests for the November 1991 Athletics. They were happy to be able to attend, as invitees, the January 2000, 75th Anniversary of the founding of Barnes. The ex-students very kindly made it possible for them to attend and the School kindly hosted them.

They will always remember Barnes because their working life started there and the three children had a good beginning . Mr. Coles was wonderful as Headmaster(now called Principal), and they had many good friends and colleagues to work with

Above:David and his three children,Andrea,Karen and Christopher

Above:The Kings with their grandchildren, Christopher and Andrea

Above:The Kings with their grandchildren Christopher and Karen.

Below the Kings in 1998

(Haven't changed much have they?? Still the handsome couple we remember)

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