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BINDU VYAS (Now Mrs Brakha David)

I attended Barnes from 1960 to 1966. I am married to Ezeikiel David from Pakistan, and I have two sons, Alon 25 and Roe 19.

I have worked for Israel Aircraft Ind.(The Boeing Co.) in Israel for the past 23 years. Alon is married and is living in the States. My brother Rohit and my sister Sarah who is 31 stay in Israel. My Dad passed away in 1976, and God Bless mum, she is 74 and looks great for her age, she lives with me and travels to the States a great deal. My son Roe is now serving in the Israeli Army The friends I remember are Joan De'Cruz and her brother Derrick, Vinod Khanna (Who can forget him!!),Maxine, Audrey and Carol Johnston, Lorraine Rhubottom, Jennifer Peacock,Majorie and Blossom Drake, Usha Waje, Bagwanti and Pricilla Cox. (Below:Lorraine,Bhajwanti,Usha)

Of the boys, I remember Leonard Kerr, Subash, Mohammed Khan, Henry Lobo and so many more. I have so many wonderful memories of Barnes that I could write a book. I remember when we got our pocket money the first thing I liked to buy was that brown chikki! I hated getting up early!

Above:Bindu's mum and dad in 1961

Above:Bindu's beautiful mum.

Above:from R to L Bindu's sister in law and her brother Hemant Her brother Robit is on the left next to his son and daughter.

Bindu would just love to hear from her Barnes friends: