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My name is Bharat Jagoowani. I joined Barnes in 1964 as a seven year old and finished in 1973. At that time I was House Captain of Spence and Vice School Captain. Clyde Arnold was the School Captain. I was a very keen sportsman and represented Barnes in the Inter-School Boxing in Bombay and Inter-School Athletics held in Barnes. I was also a member of the school soccer team.

My friends in school were Clyde Arnold, Shahrokh Parvaresh, Parvez Rizvi, Bikas Chowdhury................... the list can go on and on. Lots of girls too!! But they're all other peoples' wives now!!

Above: (from left) Bikash Chowdhury-Vice Captain Spence, Sharoukh Parvaresh-Vice Captain Royal, Clyde Arnold-House Captain Royal and School Captain 1973 and yours truly Bharat Jagoowani-House Captain Spence and Vice School Captain 1973

Above: The class of '73 (Science) Recently I've been living in Toronto, Canada since September 1997 and, prior to that, was in Abu Dhabi/Dubai (UAE). Married in 1983 to Priya and have two sons, Kunal 16 and Kiran 13.

Below:Kiran my younger son and myself taken last year

Below:photo on left: My beautiful wife Priya with Kiran The photo on the right is Kiran.

Below:Kunal my eldest son and Priya

More pics of Bharat and his two sons Kunal and Kiran

Onward Barnes, Upward Barnes!
Bharat would love to hear from anyone who remembers the good times.....

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