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I married Harold Thomas Frederick an Anglo Indian on 3rd Februrary 1946 at the end of the the Second World War. He was a soldier in the English Army (R.E.M.E.). I arrived in Bomnay in May of the same year, when I was only 17yrs old we moved to Manmad (Nasik District) where my in-laws had a Mars Villa, Camp 1.

In 1953 my eldest daughter,Jane Josephine Frederick was admitted into Barnes and in 1955 my second daughter,Margaret Veronica followed.

In 1956 I was taken on as Matron of Prep House where I looked after children from 5-8yrs.

Above:Mrs Athavle (Senior) and myself with the Kitchen Staff.

In September that same year my son Charles Richard was born in Barnes! He was baptized in the School Church by the Bishop of Nasik on 30th September and his Godfather was none other than Mr Coles.

Above left: Charles and me on his First Birthday. Right.My three children and myself.

My husband Harold had seven brothers and three of these had their children in Barnes School...George Frederick had Sarah,Cecily... Robert Hores Frederick had Kathleen and Evelyn..Norman Frederick had Carley. Nine Frederick childen studied there! (Today I know only that Carley went to Australia and he is an architect but I haven't his address!)

Above: Me with my children and my nephews in the School's Garden. From left: Carley, Robert, Cecily,Charles(Being carried), Janet, Margaret, Kathleen, Sarah.

Above left: Charles and David King

I have a wonderful memory of Barnes School, of the place, of the games, of the P.E.Displays that they organized.I remember the competitions into the river.I learnt many things there! And then. I think of my best friend Ruth Athavle. Her memory is very dear for me!

Robina Solders(teacher) and myself

My husband died when Charles was ten years old and I came back to Italy with my widowed mother. Slowly I lost touch with my family in India. It has been a hard and sad time..


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